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Top iPad 3 Social Web Pages and Apps

Apple's latest device, the iPad 3, has been released. The new tablet is much thinner and lighter than the previous model and it delivers enhanced features such as a front camera and faster processing.

The iPad 3 has brought many new features as well as some updated ones to the table. The first iPad was definitely something on another level. There was no other company that was able to create such a tablet as good as this one. Yes, other companies are now making their own versions of the tablet, but with the iPad 3, Apple once again stands on top of everyone.

But also with the arrival of the new iPad 3, there are companies that are creating new products to use for table. Since the iPad was a bit bigger than the first one, all the various cases are now obsolete. There are certain accessories such as the protective case which does an excellent job of keeping your device protected at all times. This device is also compatible with the Apple iPad 3 screen protector and the Apple iPad HD screen protector for further screen safety. The screen protector is the best and easiest way to keep all scratches off your screen.

The best think about the iPad 3 is its portability and convenience. Social networking has become a lifestyle and many people always feel the need to know what their friends are doing no matter the time or date. One of the most downloaded social networking apps is the MySpace app but it is becoming less used. Many analyst consider MySpace the website that got social networking on its feet. MySpace still has features to offer users but Facebook and Twitter are taking over where MySpace left off.

Twitter is probably the first application that the user will want installed on their device. This popular program allows users to follow friends, celebrities and even their favorite bands. Many users prefer this over the widely popular Facebook. It is a better site for people that like knowing the most up to date information about the people they know, but overall this is a must have app for social networking fanatics.

I'm sure everyone will be using the Facebook app. Facebook is currently not the best sociaol networking site, but it is definetaly getting up there. Twitter took it over but Facebook is still used by many users all over the world. Remember that

the New iPad screen protector is the best way to keep the large screen of this tablet clean and scratch free throughout your use.